Interesting Curtains for Sliding Doors Ideas

nteresting Curtains for Sliding Doors Ideas

Curtains for sliding doors is not only a way to cover your house so it would not be seen from the outside, but also to add a touch of style to your sliding doors. Sliding doors are usually plain without any trellis so it would serve you the wide image of outside’s scenery. Many variations of curtains for sliding doors would make you choose curtains more fun as it’s available in many styles, colors, and materials.

Styles of curtains for sliding doors are categorized in several names, which are french door curtains and patio door curtains. These curtains has their own magnetism because of the pattern on the fabric, and the quality of the fabrics itself. Some of the styles available are this curtains that get hooked in the middle part of itself, the other has straight and pleated upper part, bringing out the wavy texture all the way down the curtains. This curtain’s texture flows when you move them, the same way a wave flows in the ocean.

Other than privacy, controlling the lights is the other purpose of curtains for sliding doors. If you like to maintain your privacy, choosing a thick fabric should be considered, but for light control, you can choose the ones that doesn’t really have a thick material so some lights can still make its way to your house. If you like both, you can have 2 layered curtains, both thick and thin. These curtains’ price are vary based on the design and the fabric but it starts around $99 for the thin one. You can see the outside’s scenery as this curtains is quite transparent. As for the thick one, the price can start around $149 for a plain fabric. You can also consider nice pattern on your curtains, that will brighten up your place but be careful not to pick too arousing one. 

Curtains for sliding doors to cover up your sliding doors in several style, french or patio, with plenty of design and materials. The price of these curtains starts from $99 and up.

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