Korean Hairstyle for Men

Korean hairstyle is trending. SHINee, Super Junior, or 2PM have set a new style in both fashion and hairstyle in Asia. So, what needs to be done to have their looks in hairstyle? All the boys need to do is having a good haircut, look for good hair styling product, and keep your hair healthy by taking a good care of it. Is it always that simple? Here are the details.

Do a little research or simply ask your hairstylist to give you the best hair cut that match you face. It is very important to get one that suits you best. You can have a picture of one of the K-pop members as your reference and then ask for your hairstylist his/her opinion or simply create the hairstyle that is similar but best match your face.

Most K-pop artists always got exceptionally volumized hairstyles. You can do the same thing by applying mousse and hairspray. You might also need to wash your hair in order to untangle it. Then you can apply an ample enough mousse through your hair and get the style you prefer. Blow-dry it. Combing both your hair and mousse to a single side can get you an asymmetrical hairstyle which is hip amongst Korean stars

. If you need to use either gel or wax, ensure to have an extremely textured hair. Brush to one side and create a very detailed texture as well for a great K-pop look. Since this type of hairstyle is delicate to a certain extent you will need to apply some hairspray to get the best look for your Korean men hairstyles.

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