Fashionable and Stylish Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

You know how hard and tricky it is to have a round face because you may be stuck up with the same old and boring long hair cuts. Well, you can actually try the short cut too, if you want to. There are some stylish short hairstyles for round faces that you can try, if you want to look fresh and younger.
The short hairstyles for women with round faces options are:
  • The sweet and short style. You need to cut the hair in semi shaggy model along with the side swept bangs. Taking care of it is simple because you can use brush to add more volume or use the fingers for more natural result. If you have natural straight hair, that would be perfect. But if you have natural wavy or curly, you need to use flat iron first.
  • The Hollywood A-list. The style is cut short and then tucked around the back. For the front and side, there are longer strands to frame the face. Along with side deep parted swept bangs, the overall look will be chic and softer at the same time.
  • The grown up model. It looks like the boyish cut but longer. This style is great when you want to hide your neck, cheekbones, ears, or jaws.
The sassy model. The hair is cut with layers that are set with flippy models, so attention will be distracted from your jaw line. The side swept bangs will add the overall chic look

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