What Valley Crest Landscape is

What Valley Crest Landscape is

The Valley Crest Landscape is a company who deal with landscaping projects. This company was established in 1949 run by Sperber family. This company has about one hundred branches that operate nationwide. The project that is done by this company is vast. Some of them are done in famous places such as patriot place, hotel Bellagio, MIT, Boston Children’s Museum, Massachusetts General Hospital and many more. In 1960 is the golden age of the company since in this era valley create is able to gain large-scale project and the growth of the company not stop there.

In 1969 Valley Crest Landscape due to the high demands of large scale-project to company starts to form a holding company named Environmental Industry Inc. Amazingly just a year later it has three different divisions which has their certain jobs. They are Environmental Care Inc., Valley Crest and Valley Tree. In 1990 because of the continuous expansion and huge scale-project that is done, this company become the largest company in its sector and gain about $425 million as its revenue. In the 21stcentury Valley Crest began its acquisition as the way to strengthen its power. For example, Valley Crest purchases typical company in East Coast- Oakton.

In 2002 to simplify customers to understand this company the Environmental Industry Inc. is re-branded as Valley Crest. In 2004 to stress the image of Valley Crest companies, Sperber family starts the acquisition campaign to enlarge the expansion. This campaign increases the company annual revenue up to $50 including any sector operation in Maryland, New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Jersey. Then in 2006 the acquisition occurred. Valley Crest acquired two Landscaping companies in on shot. They are Site Works (Alabama) and HRP LanDesign (California). This fact tells the history and the amazing growth of Valley Crest Landscape.

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