Tips in Painting Brick Fireplace

Tips in Painting Brick Fireplace
Painting brick fireplace is not an easy job. When you just use a paint to paint your brick fireplace, it usually faded within a week. Moreover the dust and dirt will remain; it can make your brick fireplace dirty and not eye-catching. It will be very tiring if you clean the brick fireplace all the time. So, you have to spend your weekend day to change the look of your brick fireplace.

Painting brick fireplace can be a fun activity. First, you may clean your brick fireplace. You can use a brush to clean it, make sure you have eliminated the dust and dirt. Sometimes, old brick fireplace has a very thick dirt and dust. So, you need extra-work by clean it in couple of times. Before painting, it is better to cover your floor by old newspaper; it will prevent your floor from the stain of paint. After that, you can use oil-based primer to cover the brick fireplace. It will be effective to use a paint-roller, because there are some parts of brick fireplace that you cannot reach. Wait until the primer is dry, then you can start painting. If you want give a better look on your brick fireplace, it is better to use a sprayer. You can get a neat paint by using a sprayer. Different colors in your fireplace can please the guests or the member of family.

You have to be careful in using the sprayer. For prevention, it is better to use goggle to protect your eyes from the paint. So, there are several steps to paint the fireplace. You are free to use your own ideas and creativity to change the look of your fireplace. Do not forget to remove the newspaper after painting. Hopefully this article helps you in painting brick fireplace. 

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