Things Should be Considered in Short Hairstyles for Long Faces

With pretty hair with haircut and fashionable styles can improve your conviction. How to have a hairstyle that suits your face shape so instead of just following a trend hairstyles, but also match the appearance and will add to your confidence. To have an appropriate hair style models, make sure you do it before deciding to go to the salon you’re your haircut.

 It is preferable if you have out in further and arrange your face shape hairstyles appropriate according to the shape of your face for optimal results with the showing of the appropriate hairstyle trends.

Short hairstyles for long faces, avoid cutting hair is too thin near the side of the head because it can prolong your face. Balance in the face with a haircut that blends in the edges. Accent bangs on the forehead can make the face appear shorter. For you who have a long face shape with a long face characteristics as follows: Length of face is wider than the width of the face. Forehead, cheekbones, and jaw the same width. Firm has cheekbones. Suitable hairstyle for a long face: bob and bangs hairstyle. 

Model layers cut and styling hair wavy hair (wavy). The haircut is not suitable for long face: Model hair is too long and straight (more than shoulder length). The basic thing that should be considered in hairstyles for those who have long face is hair removal which can make the face does not look longer.

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