Bob Model is Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

Square face shape is identical to the from facial line. Not all types of haircuts can be used by the owner of a square face. Especially the hair style that intersect in the area below the ear because it can make the face look wider. So, what haircut should be chosen by the owner of a square face shape? The Short hairstyles for square faces which suitable is a bob model, but not the usual model of bob, but bob like Keira Knightley, which is short at the back and long in the front. Haircuts like this will help make your firm jaw look softer and proportionate.

Tricks short haircut for square face owner to make the face do not look wide is sure layered haircut were made, and give the volume at the top. With a short haircut like this, those who have a square face can show the beauty of their jaw bone without making the face look wider. Even those who have a square face can look beautiful with this hairstyle. The thing to notice is doing not let the hair on the sides are the same length with the jaw, because it will make the face look wider, cut the hair at the top of the jaw.

One of the nice styles for a square-faced man is let the beard covering the jaw and scissors up short, as did by David Beckham, so it makes it look sporty. To look harmonious with the beard, short haircut should also pay attention to the length of the beard.

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