Medium Hairstyles for Men to Make You Look Stylish in Simple Manner

If you have medium length type of hair, you may want to know the various options that you have in styling the medium hairstyles for men. Medium length is basically a great length for hair styling since it comes with the right cut; it is not too short and yet it is not too long either. So, what are your options in styling your hair?

The layers. Consider the style from Chace Crawford with the layered style on the back. The hair is cut with medium length and layers on the back, so it gives texture and volume. If you want to style it up a bit, simply use the layers on the back in flippy mode so it won’t look plain. With side swept bangs, your overall look will be stylish in such simple way.

The long bangs. It is almost the same as the layers, but with longer bangs. To look good, you need to style it up with central parting and longer bangs, so the overall outcome will be just nice.

The short-medium combination. The style worn by Zac Effron is nice and unique. The front side is longer than the back because the bangs are styled in wispy and longer mode. The overall effect is stylish, yet mysterious and sexy at the same time.

The spiky end. Your hair is cut in medium length, but the ends are let messy and styled in spiky cut. The bangs are kept longer in also messy waves.

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