Different Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

If you have hair thinning problem, don’t worry. There are some great hairstyles and cuts that can actually help you conceal the issue without compromising your look. These styles are quite versatile for daily appearance and styling them up won’t be difficult at all. So, what kind of hairstyles for men with thin hair suitable for you?

The buzz cut. Also known as the military cut – because of the extreme shortness – such style is perfect to conceal the thinning issue. If you are especially dealing with hair loss, the buzz cut can provide great solution while keeping you look attractive at the same time. The length is similar in all sides and it is very short – close to the scalp – so there won’t be any bald patches visible. It is very easy to have and it doesn’t require complicated care or maintenance.

The Caesar. This kind of cropped and short style has been worn by male for centuries. The cut is about one inch in overall length, complete with longer bands that will be pushed forward around your forehead.  If you want to add a bit of style, easily use hair gel to keep the hair in place.

The layered. Layered style will add volume and texture so your hair will appear thicker and not plain. This kind of hair-do isn’t suitable for men with lots of hair because it will make the overall look bushy or poofy. The layers can also be styled in tousled look, to enhance the attractive side of the cut.

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