Classic and Retro Different Hairstyles for Men

There are different hairstyles for men that can be achieved despite whatever hair texture they have. Whether you have wavy, straight, or curly hair, you can try these styles for your daily activities – for both casual and formal settings.  So what are the different hairstyles for menthat you can consider about?

The mop top. Thanks to the Beatles in 60s, this hairstyle became very popular. Even today, some men are still interested in having their hair styled this way. With the straight cut on the top of the ears and also on the back side, this hair-do is quite catchy with the finishing bangs. It is very similar to the bowl cut.

The pompadour. This style is made popular by Elvis Presley, where your hair is slicked back to the back and also the sides of the head, while the top side is made fanned up with pronounced curls around the forehead. Today’s pompadour style is combined with modern Mohawk, creating a style called as psychobilly wedge.

The ducktail. It was quite popular in the 50s, where the retro style is achieved by combing and slicking back your hair to the back and gathering it around the center of the head, making a style that is similar to the duck’s rear.

The high top fade. This style is often worn by African American male where they will shave the side part while keeping the upper crown hair in several inches high.

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