The Most Popular Modern Hairstyles for Men

When it comes to modern hairstyles for men, there are basically several options that you can choose. The variants are available for all kinds of hair texture as well as hair length.

The buzz cut. It is one of the easiest as well as the most classic hair-do often implemented on men. Not only the buzz cut is great to make you look stylish, it is also easy to maintain. This style is quite versatile because you can choose what kind of cut you want. You can shave the back and the side while keeping the upper crown a bit longer – an inch or so – or you can shave the entire length so they will be cropped from any angle.

The short and full of textures. Such cut is easily maintained and achieved. You only need to trim the back and the sides, while the upper crown is left a bit longer. Use hair wax, moisturizer, mousse, or pomade to make your hair looks textured.  The style is great for casual and formal occasions, where you can part the hair only on one particular side, comb the upper top hair, and sleek it.

The long style. The long length can be around the ears or below that. You can consider having layers if you want to avoid plain style. You can style your hair in ponytails, braids, or dreadlocks.

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