How to Make a Book Page Wreath...

Hi everyone! I've been busy getting ready for the holidays. Christmas starts early for me, because I have a very big party in early December and the house is decorated from top to bottom. I have 12-13 decorated trees up...one in every room in the house. I've already started in the bedrooms upstairs, because the kids are gone and no one will see it and think I'm crazy!! Downs stairs has to stay decorated for autumn, because we also host Thanksgiving for both sides of the family.

There is one exception this year. Our big family tree is already up in the family room. Our daughter Kelsie moved to Florida 2 weeks ago. She was away for all the holidays last year for a Disney internship and I couldn't have another holiday without her here to celebrate. The weekend before they left, we had an ALL holiday celebration. All four kids had Halloween trick or treat bags and carved pumpkins, we had a big Thanksgiving dinner, we decorated the big family Christmas tree and opened stockings and presents. We also had Easter baskets! Each room in the house was decorated for each holiday including Valentine's Day! I think I have a few pictures that I can share later.

Right now, I wanted to share a wreath I made for one of the rooms.

Book Page Wreath...

I've always wanted to make a wreath from old book pages and was inspired by this post from the blog Knick of Time.

Here's my version.

book page wreath

I just love the texture and the color!

book page wreath

I even made a little bow from the pages.

book page wreath

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