Various Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Woman with long hair did look more feminine and sexy, but the hair with the same model, will look boring. To always look different with long hair, consider easy hairstyles for long hair such as some models of the following:
  • Braid & Curl : For a formal look, you can use this hairstyle. Ponytail all your hair back, then curl it using curly iron.

  • Wavy : you can imitate the hairstyle Lauren Conrad’s feminine style. First of all straight hair clamp, then shape with curly wavy hair iron. Roll the hair starting from the bottom of the ear. No need to linger with curly iron, so the results are not excessive. Then braid on one side bangs.
  • Curly : Taylor Swift curly hair style makes you look sexier. To make a Taylor Swift hair style, you can shape it with a curly iron or hot rollers. Do not forget use hair spray so the curl can last long enough.
  • Sleek : other easy hairstyles for long hair is sleek or smooth models. This model can be obtained by doing rebounding with needle straight type. Inform your hairstylist that your straight hair desired model is a straight sleek model.
  • Break off : Your appearance will be more refreshed when ponytail styles come off. Your hair ponytail up high, then wrap the rest of the hair to form a sphere. Flops in some part to hold the hair come off. You can add a bandana or headband; do not forget to adjust the type of the headband or bandana with hair styles.

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