Two Sides of VCT Tile

Two Sides of VCT Tile

Having VCT tile as tile option for your room is a good idea. Since it has variation of color, pattern and texture will shape kind of admirable look to complement the whole room décor. VCT or vinyl composition tile is the mixture of plasticizer, inorganic fillers, resins and pigments. This mixture make VCT has better quality compared to ordinary vinyl sheet. However, there something to consider before you decide to make VCT as part of your home flooring. There two sides of VCT you need to know. It is about the good and the bad things you should know about VCT.

Here are the good things about VCT tile you need to know. First, it has good durability. VCT is able to stand with high traffic movement of things and people steps. So that, beside as home flooring solution this VCT also becomes commercial flooring solution. Second, it is has good resiliency so that this tile not easily spring back when it was installed. Third, unlike other flooring solutions, VCT has distinctive variations so that it will ease when you deal with certain expectation toward your room décor. Fourth, VCT is typical eco-friendly tile. VCT is one hundred percent recyclable.

Fifth, it is able to reduce noises from footsteps. Moreover, this VCT flooring is less expensive and easy to maintain by buffing or sweeping the tile. However, you need also consider about the weakness of this VCT products so that you can conclude whether this flooring is suit for you or not. Even though VCT has adorable durability and resiliency when it copes with high temperature of heat and cold environment. It can’t resist it. Then, it is all about the way you install it. Before you do the installation make sure that the floor stay in the same level. Even though this tile is recyclable but when you decide to remove it you’ll need more work since it is not easily to remove VCT tile. 

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