New Hairstyles for Men with Medium Length Hair

Browse for new hairstyles for men since you are in the dilemma in upgrading or simply trying out something new for your look? With the right cut, you can get benefits from your natural hair and a little help of the right styling products.

You can have a retro hairstyle like what was hip in the 1980s when Duran Duran was in their time of glory. The textured shag can be attained by shaping it with a straightedge razor. Ask your hair stylish to piece out your bangs, nape, as well as your sideburns and follow the shape of your head when styling to create a fuller crown. Hold both your temples and nape to make sideways movement and blow drying your hair with your fingers. When you dry use some hair wax to style and part your bangs to fall forward.

Want to try longer yet tidy and classic hairstyle? Try to have a haircut with long bangs. Creating texture in your hair is required to gain a perfect height from your crown and also your bangs. Make a shaggy effect at your back nape and a tapered layer on your temple. Use mousse to create height to your damp hair and blow dries your bang and crown with upward and back movement. After your hair dry and full, apply hair wax to shape your and finish it with light finishing. Voila! Your hairstyle will not only make you look excellent, fresh, but also gorgeous. Wanna try these two new hairstyles for men, boys?

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