Irish Claddagh Ring Design Means

Give your friendship and couples an Irish claddagh ring that represent your love to them, your loyalty and of course your friendship with them. The claddagh ring is de rived from three main designs key, it need to have hands, heart and crown. It represents those claddagh ring means. The crown is representation of loyalty, hands means for friendship and heart means for love representation.

It becomes popular in 17thcentury and it is also can be use for such ceremony such as wedding. There are such moments that usually need and use this claddagh ring as the icon. A mother can give this ring for their daughter when they have come out from the age. Usually, this ring will be continued and handled down from the mother to their daughter, even when they have daughter and granddaughter as long as the ring still there.

This claddagh ring also can means for the people’s status that wear this ring. It depend on how they use it. It is differ from the location of finger and hand that wear this ring. The left hand mean for engaged and married on the other side, the left hand use means that they were single and people that have relationship.

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