How to Make Your Own Lotus Garden

How to Make Your Own Lotus Garden

Lotus garden can be a great idea to be planted in your home, if you have a pond. Lotus has beautiful and colorful flowers such as red, white and blue. It will beautify your home. This plant can be a pond decorator. Planting lotus is quite easy and you only need two months to see the flower, yet it needs special technique because this plant grows in the water.

Lotus garden can be really refreshing and release the stress. If you are getting interested to plant lotus, you can follow these steps: First, open the seed of lotus with knife or scissor; do not open the seed with your fingernail because you can damage the embryo. After you opened the seed, put the opened seed in water container. Change the water twice a day both in the morning and in the evening. The seed will grow in a week, the roots and leaves will appear in approximately 2 weeks. After two weeks, you can move the lotus to the soil and do not fertilize the plant until it reaches 2 weeks after the moving. After it grows, you may add the water, you have to notice that do not let the leave sinking. It is quite easy, isn’t it?

The flower of lotus is not only beautiful, but it has deep meaning of philosophy. Lotus needs the mud and water to grow, but the flower does not sink into the mud. This flower grows in dirty water where they are many insects and disease. But it can grows beautifully and charming. It gives the lesson that you may live in this dirty world, but you have to grow beautifully, be a success man whatever the condition. After learning the way to plant this beautiful flower and the philosophy behind this flower, you may create your own lotus garden

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