Great Inspirations for Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Older women may start experiencing problems with their hair. Whether they experience hair loss issue, hair thinning problem, or simply difficult hair dilemma, they can still look good and gorgeous if they know the right short hairstyles for older women. Not all kinds of hairstyles can be applicable to all women; it depends on the hair texture, condition, and also health.  So, what kind of hair-do that these women deserve?

There are some great inspirations and examples of short hairstyles for older womenthat you can try. For example, if you don’t really like having very short style, consider the style from Jodie Foster. She wears the so called short shag, which is short and comes with blunt layers. This style is great for both formal and casual occasions.  To style it up, you don’t need brush. Simply use your fingers to achieve messy yet stylish look.
Other short hairstyles for older women 2013 that you can consider about are:

  • The boyish cut. You need to cut your hair very short, just like a boy. But there are still some feminine touches, especially if you want to have bangs. It also looks great without bangs.
  • The messy pixie cut. This style is implemented by Dame Judi Dench. With this style, you can look trendy and chic, and somehow strong and powerful.
  • The short bob. The style worn by Helen Mirren is very classy and chic. You can consider it if you don’t really like cutting your hair short.

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