Different Options for Short Hairstyles for Men

Men’s hairstyles are maybe limited in variations and cuts, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t look good and neat. There are some great ideas for short hairstyles for men that can be implemented for daily occasions and activities. These styles are basically easy to implement and you won’t have to spend hours just to style up yourself.
So, what are the common options in hairstyles for men with short hair?

  • The Ivy League textured cut. In this cut, your hair is trimmed so it can conform your head shape, but there will be extra length on the front side. Although this style is good for all kind of hair textures, it is best worn for those with thinning issue or fine hair.
  • The butch cut. it is almost the same as the buzz cut, but all sides have the similar length. If you don’t have a nice perfect round head, this style isn’t recommended for you because it will reveal your flaw.
  • The buzz cut. mostly known as the military cut, the sides and the back part of the hair is cut very short, while the upper crown is let longer.
  • The boyish cut. in this style, your hair is cut short – not very short – with the options of using bangs or not. The upper crown is usually longer than the side and back.
  • The short with texturized top cut. Your hair is cut in regular style, but the upper crown has different textured. You can make it spiky, trimmed, or others.

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