Creepy Decor On Halloween Birthday Cakes

Halloween birthday cakes surely have interesting decoration for the party. Being born around Halloween is an fun event with lots of interesting decorations that can be used for your birthday party theme. You can have your birthday party with some spooky theme to make it match with Halloween. One thing that you must not forget is to have a birthday cake in Halloween theme.

Chosing a dresscode for the party makes a fun thing to do on the party. You can choose creepy cool theme for the party and put on a cool spooky costume for the party. Your guests will attend the party with their costumes, adjusting to your party theme. Then, decorate your Halloween birthday cakes with spooky decoration. Have Jack O’ Lantern frosting on the cake. Or else, put on creepy creatures on the cake. Those crawling spider or bats make good examples of creepy creatures that you can use as decoration for the cake.

To complete the big birthday cake, you can prepare desert table filled with candies, cakes, cookies or pudding. Make sure that those sweet treats are decorated in Halloween theme. For the main event, bring your Halloween birthday cakes to the center of the hall, make a wish, and blow your birthday candles.

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