Cool Hairstyles for Short Hair of Men and Women

For the men who want to change the hair style piece, you can use latest and coolest hair styles men which are a trend piece on men’s hair styles in 2013. Men hair style identical with short hair, if in the previous year, men’s hair trends dominated by Mohawk pieces which popularized by one of the famous singer of the band, in the year 2013 will be dominated by Woles cuts hairstyles. There are several cool hairstyles for short hair of men’s hair which is favored by girls, for example, Mohawk hairstyles, Harajuku hairstyles, Emo hairstyles and others.

 Men’s hair styles started have many creations since the 1980s when the era of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, which has a unique man hairstyle and dare to be different while performing on stage.

One of the cool short hair styles is the short hair Mohicans style. On this style, the two sides’ hair cut short. This model actually has long been a trend in the world in the 90s, but the hair designer intelligently creates this style become more fresh and futuristic. This hairstyle will make a man seen more cool and macho.

Other cool hairstyles for short hair are revealed short curly hair. This hair style became a trend for young executives. In addition, this style is also widely used by public figures. This model is actually almost the same as the Mohican style, but do not use a Mohawk style, with hair made ??straight up, but dropped forward or laterally.

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