Classic and Rustic Log Cabin Interiors

Log cabin interiors are kinds of interior which make your home looks like a cabin with full of log. It is totally simple because the only thing that you have to do is change the interior inside of your home becomes full of woods. Since the concept is log cabin, you should not use a tile or cement on the wall. Just make it looks so classic by using woods. Usually, log cabin makes the interior to be classic or rustic. However, if you are interested about the interior, stay here and here we go!
First is going to talk about a classic log cabin interior in living room. When you want to make the living room looks so classic naturally, the first thing that you have to do is change the flooring. Use a wooden flooring, and the best floor is bamboo flooring. Next, use a wooden panel around the wall. Then, place some classic furniture sets such as coaches, table, and lamp shade. Do not forget about the front door which is related with the living room, so make it looks so classic too. Log cabin interiors with classic look should be classic, so teak is the best wood for your interior.

Second is going to tell you about a rustic log cabin interior in bedroom. Bedroom is a good place to sleep, so you have to make it looks so comfortable for you. The only thing that makes the decoration looks so rustic is change the bedroom furniture with oak. As you already known, oak makes everything to be looked so rustic. So, place a rustic bed, rustic chest, and rustic dresser in the bedroom. After that place a lacquer lamp on the chest. That’s it! Here’s something you have to know, you should consider the concept when you want to make log cabin interiors.

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