Best and Popular Military Haircuts for Men

Military haircuts mimicking the haircuts army applied for soldiers are trending now among public outside of the military world. Military haircuts for men look good on men in all ages from boys to old men. This haircut style is especially suitable for those who like the neat, clean aesthetic look. All the military haircuts style are short, shaved near, leave only a little bit of hair. Easy to wear, all you need is hair pomade and high quality comb.

Here are the two most popular styles. High and tight haircut, this is a very popular style both among the military and non military. High and tight haircut is having the hair shaved very close to the scalp, leaving a shock on top, about one sixteenth of an inch long. This style will bring out the emphasis of the face, especially the cheekbones and eyes area. Flat-top haircut, another popular style, cut the top of the hair flat and shaves off the rest. The top of the hair is about half to an inch tall.

The rest of the styles, variation from the basic are:
Induction cut
Crew cut
High and tight Recon
Regulation Cut
Brush cut
Ivy League

Another benefit of military haircut style is easy to maintain, almost no need for styling, just keep it trimmed regularly. The hair on the ears can be created at home with a razor every once a week.

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