Various Models Natural Curly Hairstyles

Have naturally curly hair is very beautiful, besides, you do not have to confuse give volume to the hair. Here are some styles for naturally curly hair.
  • Sideways ponytail style
Equipment required: Mousse or gel, a small black barrette, hair spray, and a wide-toothed comb.
How to do: 1. Comb hair with a width comb, and then pour the mousse or gel in the palm of the hand. Knead the hair shaft parts, ranging from the middle to the end. 2. Unite hair and comb with hand sideways. Take a bit of hair, tied in the hair that has been laid out sideways, and then flops with hair clips on the inside. To be more robust, at the hair ties, give hairspray.
  • Natural curly hairstyle can also be obtained with Boho Style models.
Equipment required: Meousse or gel, hair tie accessories.
How to do: 1. Shampooing hair first, then after the hair was half-wet, pour the mousse or gel into the palm of the hand, and knead the middle to the end of the hair. 2. Divide the hair into two sections, and then tie accessories, in order to keep neat parts. 3. To the bottom of the hair, the better combed by hand, to make it look more natural.
  • Last style is Chic Wavy style
Equipment required: mousse or gel, slim vise tool, hairdryer.

How to do: 1. After shampooing, blow-dry hair with a hairdryer, then divide hair into three sections, and trim the hair with a vise, so curly neater. 2. After all curls trimmed, pour mousse or gel into the palm of the hand, then squeeze the hair shaft.

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