The Beautiful Emerald Engagement Rings

The Beautiful Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald has been known since 6.000 years ago and taken Cleopatra’s heart to own it. Commercially the emerald started to be well-known 4.000 years ago and traded by Egyptians and Pakistanis through the silk route. It was also believed as a talisman which was able to protect the owner or someone has it. Nowadays it is popular among young women who are interested in buying emerald engagement rings.

What People Choose Emerald?
Before sharing the reasons why people still choose emerald, let us tell you that it is not the best gemstone. Many jewelries experts will recommend sapphire, ruby, or diamond as the purchasers’ engagement rings due to their durability, Sapphires have variant colors such as blue, pink, white, black, orange, yellow and so on. An emerald only has one color and according to the Mohs scale, it has closer to 7.5 of scale 10 while sapphire has 9 of scale 10. In spite of having less color and durability, it remains popular among people, even celebrities and still remains as desirable emerald engagement rings because it has been legendary.

Is It Just A Sign or Symbol of Magic?

No, it is not. . In Greece, it is believed as a symbol of love and it was Aristotle’s favorite thing as well. That is why mostly young couple desire emerald engagement rings. Emerald is also a symbol of devotion and friendship.

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