Short Brown Hairstyles: What Aspects to Consider

If you are born as natural brunette, consider yourself lucky because there are loads of options when it comes brown hair-dos. If you are into short haircut, the combination of the stylish color and the short length can become a lethal part of your appearance. With short brown hairstyles, not only you will look dazzling and smashing, you can do it without having to work extra hard either.

What should you consider in getting the best short light brown hairstyles? First of all, you can consider the cut. If you have small facial features and frame, the pixie cut can be the best option for you. Take a look at Emma Watson or Keira Kneightley; they do look great, don’t they?  You can also consider the boyish haircut. It is not as short as the pixie, but it can be your option if you want to have hassle free hair management. You can also consider having the short crop, which is almost similar to pixie. In short crop cut, however, your hair is cut very short, almost to your scalp.

If you don’t really like the very short style, you can always consider the bob. After all, bob is one of the timeless haircuts that will never go old. With the right choice of hair color, you can look great. You can consider having darker brown or the light strawberry blonde – the combination of blonde and brown. You can also choose the reddish-brown streak if you have pale skin tone.

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