Easy Emo Hairstyles for Guys

The 80’shairstyle is back! Only this time over, the 80’s style shows itself up in somewhat punk pop culture: emo. The unique blend of funky and sporty style is just perfect for youthful guys. Look at these ideas of emo hairstyles for guys:
  • Dark, buoyant style – long, conical shaggy layers on each side with light-brown highlights
  • Dark, deep style – swept long hair on the  front
  • Startling style –side-swept tapering angular edges, ending on the cheek
  • Emo package – long dark shaggy layers with piercing and tattoos
  • Mysterious style – smooth dark irregular layers on front, covering the large portion of the whole face
  • Grim style – dark layered jagged side-swept on the front
  • Couple style – dark shaggy layers with a bit of blonde streaks
Emo hairstyles for guys have one thing in common: dark hair – preferably long with highlights. You may need several time of hair doing from time to time until you get the emo look that you always want. On the contrary, highlight is optional although it characterizes and intensifies the style. If you choose easy maintenance over style, skipping the highlighting is your outlet.

Another inseparable part of emo hairstyle is the styling. Long and dark hair, even with the highlights, will not look like emo in any way if you do not put some effort in the styling job. You need to make sure that your emo hair is straight. Get a straightener if necessary, especially if your hair is curly or just wavy. Keep in mind: straightening your hair is possible only if it is long enough.

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