Chuck e Cheese Birthday Party Packages

Having a Chuck e Cheese birthday party is very practical. You do not need to buy party supplies and decorate your home with a certain birthday theme that your kid’s like. One of the things that you may need to do is that dealing the birthday invitation cards. Having a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese’s will surely make your kid and his or her friends have unforgettable birthday party. They will have fun games and great merchandises. There are three choices of Chuck e Cheese birthday packages. Whichever you choose, the birthday kid and friends will enjoy a great time.

One of the birthday packages at Chuck e Cheese is the star package. This is a basic package with 20 tokens for each child. Your kid’s party will last for two hours and hosted by a host or a hostess from Chuck e Cheese. Each child will eat two pizza slices and soft drinks. The birthday stars will get some merchandise such as a big guitar balloon, tiara or crown, and a guitar pick medallion. The super star Chuck e Cheese birthday package has everything that is included in the star package. However, there are 16 additional tokens for each child, a collectible cup for each child, and a microphone balloon for each child. The last package is the mega super star birthday package. It has everything that is included in the super star package and star package. But in this package, each child will get a cup of ice cream and a goody bag. There are also a pull string piñata. It has 400 tickets and 40 tokens. A 50-bonus-token is also included in this package.

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