Beautiful Tangled Birthday Party

Tangled birthday party becomes popular because an animation film of Disney with titled Tangled. In this film, there is a princess who has very long hair and pent up in the castle. This beauty princess is really popular in girls’ life. Hence, if your daughter will celebrate their birthday and she are really interested with Rapunzel (the beauty princess in Tangled film), as a parent you have to realize the tangled birthday party for her. It will be so sweet and full of happiness. And to prepare the birthday party with tangled theme, you have to show the most of Rapunzel character here. To get the further information about this party, you can collect some references in this article.

To complete the decorations, you can buy the dessert plates and cups that have tangled theme, with its purple color; it is so suitable for your daughter birthday party. Besides, you can also dress up your daughter with long purple dress and braid her hair in order she looks like Rapunzel. Don’t forget to put a tiara on your daughter’s head, because in her birthday, she is a princess. Then, you can enliven this birthday party with hang the tangled piñata kit. The tangle favor kit (tote bag, balloon, lollipop, hair band and so forth) can be shared in your daughter’s tangled birthday party.

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